People who are moderately extraverted don’t often keep things to themselves, tending instead to share what they are thinking with everyone. They are self-disclosing (particularly if also high in neuroticism) and they warm fairly rapidly to other people. They are among the first to speak in meetings. They can be captivating and convincing. They are likely to be among the first to act in an ambiguous situation.

People who are moderately high in extraversion make more enthusiastic employees, and tend to be well-suited to jobs involving sales, persuasion, work in groups and public speaking (particularly, once again, if they are low in neuroticism). They are somewhat less suited to occupations that require a lot of isolated work (such as computer programming or accounting).

People moderately high in extraversion have a tendency to be impulsive, particularly when it comes to having fun in social situations. They are somewhat more likely to sacrifice the future to the present, when something social or group-oriented beckons. It can be difficult for them to be alone and to study and work. They can find themselves distracted by opportunities to chat, joke and socialize. This is particularly the case if they are also low in conscientiousness. When individuals are extraverted and conscientious, they are more productive than if they are introverted and conscientious. However, when they are introverted and unconscientious, they are more productive than they are when they are extroverted and unconscientious.

People moderately high in extraversion are comparatively more dominant in social situations, particularly if they are also low in agreeableness. Less agreeable extraverts tend to be self-centered – something that can be made worse if they are also low in conscientiousness.

Those who are politically liberal are slightly less extraverted than conservatives.

Women are slightly more extraverted than men. The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 52. For men it is 48.

Extraversion has two aspects: Enthusiasm and Assertiveness.

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