We Help Solve Second Language Learners Problems

Ode Air Language Training helps you pass these exams:

Ode Air Language Training in a nutshell:

  1. We listen to each of your requests, make a professional analysis and quickly offer an effective personalized solution to learn with you.
  2. We evaluate your knowledge of the language and we set ourselves ambitious goals however realistic learning goals.
  3. We prepare a program with a structural, participatory and intensive learning approach.
  4. We develop your skills creating conditions that encourage a friendly and effective learning.
  5. We work with carefully selected, capable and experienced facilitators.
  6. Discover solutions that help maintain and develop your achievements.
  7. We analyze your feedback so that we can improve the quality of our service.


Dislike/like cues:

Imagine the following scenario: Someone in a group dislikes you, whether out of envy or mistrust, but in the groupenvironment they cannot express this overtly or they will look bad—not a team player. And so they smile at you, engage you in conversation, and even seem to support your ideas. At times you might feel

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Dominance/submission cues:

As the most complex social animal on the planet, we humans form elaborate hierarchies based on position, money, and power. We are aware of these hierarchies, but we do not like talking explicitly about relative power positions, and we are generally uncomfortable when others talk about their superior rank. Instead, signs of dominance or weakness

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Deception cues:

We humans are by nature quite gullible. We want to believe in certain things—that we can get something for nothing; that we can easily regain or rejuvenate our health thanks to some new trick, perhaps even cheat death; that most people are essentially good and can be trusted. This propensity is what deceivers and manipulators

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