Our History

Ode Air Language Training was born in 2015 with a dream of solving second language learners problems in a multicultural industry in the Bio Bio region. During this process, the founder of Ode Air Language Training Don Ricardo Ode began to improve, engage, and enrich the level of the students English skills and confidence with human capital content.

Because of these enriching experiences of improving second language learners skills Ricardo Ode began to solve problems and developed a continuous improvement learning system with the use of the content of 100 world class books.

The experience has been over 10,000 hours of facilitating second language learners by applying relevant and meaningful content and has solved a language barrier.

From an idea to a dream come true Ode Air Language Training has dedicated every day to deliver  an enrich the experience of learning a second language no matter the distance, time or cost.

As a result, Ode Air Language Training can help a country become bilingual and improve human capital by influencing and facilitating world class meaningful content to solve second language problems.